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Capital Advisors Family Office Becomes the First Latin American Investment Adviser Certified by CEFEX


The financial crisis that broke out in the United States in 2007 and that expanded to the rest of the world, exposed the evident need to adapt financial regulation to the principles of transparency, trust and investor protection.

One of the latest examples occurred last January, when changes in the Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID) came into effect in the European Union. Through 20,000 pages, this Directive contains rules that seek to increase market transparency and reduce risks in operations.

The conclusions that emerge are clear: the tide of greater transparency is unstoppable and investment advisers must always put the interests of their clients first. And although it has not been an easy road, in the developed countries they have understood the importance of both ideas.

This has led to the main international players in investment advice to comply to the most rigorous standard of fiduciary excellence, as certified by CEFEX (Centre for Fiduciary Excellence). The mission of this entity, based in Pittsburgh, United States, is “to promote and verify excellence by evaluating and certifying compliance with high professional standards of conduct”, as indicated on the website of the agency that until now has certified investment advisors in Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the United States.

The Chilean firm Capital Advisors Family Office has just joined this select group after successfully completing the independent certification process by CEFEX. It is the first Latin American investment adviser to obtain this demanding certification.

According to the CEO of CEFEX, Carlos Panksep, “through the independent evaluation of CEFEX, the certification guarantees that Capital Advisors adheres to the best fiduciary practices in the industry. This shows that the interests of the company are aligned with those of the investors. ”

“More than just saying I behave well, we went to the institution that grants the world standard to which all the important actors in investment advice adhere. Not only an independent third party evaluated and certified us, but also it homologated us with world-class consultants “, emphasizes Rodrigo Alamos, partner of Capital Advisors.

And what does this mean for the clients of Capital Advisors? In simple words, the certification proves that the company is competent in what it does and that it effectively works aligned with the client. But in order to obtain CEFEX‘s approval, it was necessary to comply with a standard that considered the entire investment advisory process: fiduciary role; recommendation, implementation and monitoring of investment strategies; computer systems and information security; and documentation of procedures. After all this, CEFEX certified that the Capital Advisors Family Office processes adhere to the “Prudent Practices for Investment Advisors” handbook, ensuring that it always puts the interests of its clients ahead.


Best Practice

This demanding independent accreditation allowed Capital Advisors Family Office another achievement: to join the World Association of Independent Investment Advisors (GAIA), an entity in which all its members must remain certified by CEFEX.

Being part of GAIA assures clients that Capital Advisors – also the only Latin American to join the association – is not only committed to fiduciary excellence in investment management, but also has access to best practices in investment advice worldwide and delivers the highest standard of service to its customers. In fact, all companies are committed to providing customers with objective advice and personal solutions.

To date, there are 18 companies -mainly from the United States, Europe and Australia- that have become GAIA members.


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