Fund Distribution

Dimensional Funds

Dimensional was founded in the US in 1981 and currently manages assets for over USD 500 billions.

Its strategies are built on a solid scientific base and provide access to virtually any asset publicly traded all over the world.

Thanks to its historical academic affiliations (Eugene Fama, Kenneth French, Robert Merton, Myron Scholes, Roger Ibbotson and Robert Novy-Marx, among other), Dimensional has stood at the cutting edge of instrument and investment policy development.

Some examples are the identification and leveraging of the Small, Value and Profitability return factors, the design of comprehensive, highly diversified strategies, the management of Momentum, the implementation of successful securities lending programs, and the operational optimization that has translated in lower costs of transactions and of other existing frictions in the markets.

Dimensional is not offered through open platforms. Its clients are only institutions or company-certified investment advisors. This ensures that strategies are managed efficiently and according to the criteria established by the academics who designed them.

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