Investment Funds

Our Funds

The Investment Funds division has managed more than USD 1,300 million in assets through 15 Investment Funds. Its investments are oriented to businesses with a real estate, service, commercial or financial component.

Its investments include Atton Hoteles S.A., the Administradora de Centros Comerciales Vecinales and Malls Patio Comercial S.A., the Grupo Parques Cementerios chain, office buildings in Chile and 11 office buildings in 4 cities in the United States.

Fondo de Inversión Privado Capital Advisors Real Estate I

The Capital Advisors Real Estate I Fund was created in April 2007 to invest in different property income generating assets.

The Fund has participated in the development and acquisition of several real estate assets for a total of nearly 90,000 square meters and value at USD 145 million in investments.

The properties include the office buildings El Bosque 90 (formerly Movistar), CCU, Magdalena Norte and Apoquindo 4700, as well as the development of Apoquindo 2929 and Barros Errázuriz.

Fondo de Inversión Privado Capital Advisors Renta Hotelera I y Renta Hotelera II

The Capital Advisors Hotel Income Fund was created in January 2008 for the acquisition of a majority ownership at the Atton Hotels chain, which comprised two hotels and a total of 451 rooms in Santiago de Chile.

In June 2013, the Capital Advisors Hotel Income II Fund acquired another 25% of the company, resulting in the majority control.

Today, Atton owns 8 hotels and 1,613 rooms in four countries, as well as 760 rooms currently under development in the cities of Viña del Mar, Lima and Medellín.

Today, Atton Hotels has a highly professional, experienced team, and a strong business plan to continue to grow in Latin America.

Fondo de Inversión Privado Capital Advisors Centros Comerciales

The Capital Advisors Shopping Malls was founded in March 2010 to acquire 50% of Commercial Patio, a company that at that time had 16 shopping centers with a neighborhood format and 168 stores distributed over 35,000 m2.

In November 2017, the Fund sold its stake to Patio Group. During the period of investment of the Fund, Commercial Patio significantly increased its portfolio of assets that at the date of the sale of 47 neighborhood shopping centers format, a mall in Rancagua and 16 shopping centers under construction. It runs over 550 stores on 160,000 leasable square meters, which makes it the main neighborhood shopping centers developer and manager in the country.

During these years, a high-performance professional team was built and a business plan was executed that allowed the company to grow and become an industry leader.

Fondo de Inversión Capital Advisors Desarrollo Inmobiliario

Capital Advisors co-managed two funds in order to invest in residential development projects, in association with experienced and prestigious property development companies in the industry.

Both funds invested in 13 projects in various cities in Chile, in partnership with eight developers.

The assets in those funds are USD 120 million and led to sales of USD 270 million.
These funds were created in the year 2010 and closed upon the sale of the last project in 2015.

Fondo de Inversión Privado Capital Advisors SCL

The Capital Advisors SCL Apoquindo Fund was established in January 2012 to acquire 100% of the SCL Apoquindo building and earn leasing income.

The building, designed by the prestigious architectural office Izquierdo & Lehmann and built by Echeverría Izquierdo, has 21 open-plan floors and over 21,000 leasable square meters.

SCL Apoquindo is located in the intersection between avenues Apoquindo and Américo Vespucio, an optimal location in terms of accessibility, public transportation, and equipment level in the Escuela Militar area within the Las Condes commune.

Fondo de Inversión Capital Advisors Real Estate Office US

Capital Advisors Investment Funds, in alliance with AMERICA'S CAPITAL PARTNERS as its exclusive sponsor, manages the Capital Advisors Real Estate Office US Fund, targeted at investing in office buildings in the main cities of the East Coast, US.

Today, it has close to USD 230 million invested in seven buildings: four in Atlanta, Georgia, and three in Charlotte, North Carolina, with over 147,000 square meters under administration.

The Fund, with a seven-year maturity, was established in January 2014 and succeeded in investing 100% of its resources during that same year.

For managerial purposes, Capital Advisors keeps an office in Miami that oversees and monitors the Fund and its investments.

Fondo de Inversión Capital Advisors Real Estate Office US II

Capital Advisors structured a second investment fund, Capital Advisors Real Estate Office II, to continue to capture business opportunities in the office Real Estate market in the US.

Managed by Capital Advisors Administradora General de Fondos, the Fund was registered at the Superintendency of Securities and Insurance (Superintendencia de Valores y Seguros) in April 2015 and was designed for institutional and certified investors.

Today, it manages close to USD 180 million in assets invested in five buildings: two in Atlanta, Georgia; one in Dallas, Texas; and one in Denver, Colorado, with over 101,000 square meters under administration.

The Fund, with a seven-year maturity, was established in April 2015.

Fondo de Inversión Capital Advisors Fundación Parques Cementerios

Capital Advisors manages the Capital Advisors Fundación Parques Cementerios Real Estate Fund since May 2015. The main asset of the fund is Grupo Nuestros Parques, one of the main cemetery operators in Chile.

Additionally, the Fund has taken part in the acquisition of several property assets, totaling an investment of over USD 145 million.

The Fund participates in Inmobiliaria Fondo Calama, which maintains a leasing agreement with the Hospital del Cobre, in Calama, Chile. On the other hand, Inmobiliaria Rentas Fundacion, also owned by the Fund, manages various real estate assets.

Fondo de Inversión Capital Advisors Renta Variable Global

A long-term investment portfolio should include variable income as a protection against inflation and to benefit from the higher expected return on capital.

The “Capital Advisors Global Equity Investment Fund” aims at working as the central element of the equity portfolio, with the goal of leveraging the performance of the main equity benchmark indices in the world, after covering its expenses. The Fund invests in shares all over the world, is always fully invested and is highly diversified, with shares in over 8,300 companies.

The fund’s added value stems from its exposure to the four academically-identified return dimensions of variable income, its operational simplicity (the portfolio includes only five assets), and its cost-effectiveness, thanks to the fact that it only works with institutional providers.

Fondo de Inversión Privado Capital Advisors Real Estate Multifamily US I

Capital Advisors Investment Funds launched the Private Investment Fund “Capital Advisors Real Estate Multifamily US I”, with the goal of investing in multifamily assets in major US cities, in partnership with Acre Valley and BH Management.

The Fund is managed by Capital Advisors AGF. It has a 7 year term and it will target low-rise garden-style multifamily assets.

The first acquisition of the fund was on August 2017, a 690 unit low-rise garden style multifamily community located at Dallas, TX.