Advising and investing since 1999

More than 20 years of experience endorse Capital Advisors as a financial advisor, allowing us to currently advise assets of over US $ 7 billion in Chile, Peru, Colombia and the United States.


The science of investing

Having a good investment experience requires discipline and a long-term vision. Only then, the objectives are achieved and the returns delivered by the market are captured. Capital Advisors has kept its investment philosophy intact for more than 20 years, allowing its clients to successfully overcome the various international crises that have arisen.

Benchmark performance of the average Capital Advisors client

Our work philosophy


Being independent is having the freedom to recommend the best products and suppliers in the market. By being remunerated exclusively by our clients, we can ensure our independence and that we prioritize their interests.

Academic vision

For more than 20 years we have shared the investment philosophy developed by several of the most relevant academics in modern finance such as Merton Miller, Eugene Fama, Kenneth French, Robert Merton and Myron Scholes.


As members of GAIA, we must maintain CEFEX certification, which is the highest global standard in fiduciary excellence. This guarantees that protecting the interests of our clients is a fundamental task for Capital Advisors.

Value creation in real assets

Capital Advisors Equity Investments seeks to generate value through active management in real estate investments and in operating companies in which it invests, acting through boards, committees and specific consulting projects, carrying out a rigorous control of investments, with the aim of increasing operational efficiency and profitability.

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